Lumenis | Holmium Lazer | VersaCut Tissue Morcellator

Precision System for Endoscopic Tissue Removal

The VersaCut™ tissue morcellator system provides rapid and efficient endoscopic removal of soft tissue.

The VersaCut morcellator is ideal for the removal of resected prostate tissue from the bladder and was the first integrated morcellation system to be introduced for Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP). 

The vacuum pump system is operated by footswitch to allow precise control over suction level and morcellation speed.

Benefits of Using a VersaCut Tissue Morcellator:

  • Desired clinical outcome
    Safe and effective morcellation of tissue at a high speed (approximately 6 grams / minute*) with adjustable morcellation speed and suction power. 
  • Extensive clinical evidence: 
    Extensive clinical evidence: HoLEP has undergone multiple randomized controlled trials with proven results spanning over 10 years
  • Ease of use:
    The VersaCut Tissue Morcellator was specifically designed for HoLEP and provides a full morcellation solution in one integrated, easy to use system.

Custom Accessories:

Custom accessories were developed for the VersaCut Tissue Morcellator. Working together, they provide you 
with the opportunity to offer patients unparalleled treatments.

VersaCut Reusable Handpiece:
These reusable and single-use fibers are customized to work seamlessly with the
VersaPulse family of lasers and are perfectly suited for procedures such as HoLEP and stones.

VersaCut Blades Set:
 The reusable set of blades enables effective morcellation and reduced cost per procedure.

Additional Accessories: 
Additional accessories are available for cleaning, sterilization and adaptations for various endoscopes.

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