Neotech Suction Caddy Yenidoğan Ürünleri

Yenidoğan Ürünleri-Suction Caddy

Suction Caddy

Neotech Suction Caddy Yenidoğan Ürünleri

Kategori: Yenidoğan Ürünleri

Marka: Neotech

  • Easily attaches to most smooth surfaces
  • Low price and easy to use
  • Keep your suction device clean and close at hand
  • New write-on surface for patient information
  • Prevent tubing and devices from being misplaced or falling on the floor
  • Ideal for holding the Neotech Little Sucker and many other devices
  • Cap off suction and reduce noise
  • Latex, phthalate/DEHP, BPA free
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