Neotech ChinStrap Yenidoğan Ürünleri

Yenidoğan Ürünleri-ChinStrap


Neotech ChinStrap Yenidoğan Ürünleri

Kategori: Yenidoğan Ürünleri

Marka: Neotech

  • Made with unique NeoFoam™, soft and ultra skin friendly
  • Breathable and wicks perspiration
  • Form fitting ChinStrap™ has split chin design, allowing for comfort and stability on the bottom of the chin
  • Won’t slide back and forth on baby’s neck
  • Opening around ears allows for visualization of baby’s ears to help prevent folding over and possibility of pressure ulcers or necrosis
  • Adaptable with most CPAP systems
  • Adjustable for various head sizes and shapes
  • NeoFoam™ provides some flexibility allowing baby to open mouth slightly when needed
  • Perfect for NICU
  • Latex/phthalate free/DEHP free/BPA free

Catalog Numbers and Sizes

Circumference (measure chin to back of head)

N785 Micro (20/box)
28cm-35cm Circumference (measure chin to back of head)

N786 Small (20/box)
33cm-42cm Circumference (measure chin to back of head)

N787 Large (20/box)
36cm-46cm Circumference (measure chin to back of head)

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